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Capability Statement

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


About Schools One Stop Shop

School's One-Stop Shop, LLC provides executive, c-suite, and mid-level coaching services, professional development, training, professional recruiting, and staff development in the education, technology, government, construction, and energy industries. We also provide executive search services for all sectors, incorporating more than 40 years of combined experience, research-based valid screeners, and assessments to provide decision-makers with thoroughly vetted results. We are a small two-owner/ employee business. We have contracted with industry (technology) based, government-based, and education-based clients in Texas and Washington, including governing boards, c-suite executives, and chief executive officers.

The Product

Getting executive-level leadership, motivation, guidance, mentoring, and safety net services can be difficult when timelines are tight, and I'm sorry is not a reason to fail. We specialize in providing just-in-time consulting services for school boards, CEOs, Superintendents, Senior Executives, and School Administrators. We are a consulting service that caters to a niche market to ensure school success by providing preventative services, just-in-time services, and safety net services for school administrators and elected school leaders.

The Performance

Your organization's success or your executive-level leadership's success is our number one goal. We do an individualized assessment of your needs based on the executive or board's needs. 

We provide wrap-around services from the board room to the classroom by engaging a plethora of professional, licensed, and certified consultants who provide advice to our clients on time to address their school-based needs.

Our Clients

Beeville ISD
Marlin ISD
Eugene and Associates Attorneys at Law
Greater Southeast Mgt. District
Baylor School of Education
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